Malta Cheerleading is going to appoint the first AGM in order to program the new season and to start the registration process according to the Maltese Rules.

The federation would like to ask to the actual member to be presented to the AGM that will be held in the Dingli & Dingli Law Firm Malta Officies: 18/2, South St, Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1102, Malta.

The agenda of the meeting is the following one:
– change of the address of the address of the federation
– change of the name of the federation
– Adoption of the new statutes
– Renovation of the board, election of the member at large, of the general secretary, vice president, treasurer and president
– approval of the new logo
– approval of the strategic plan
– approval of the divisions and the officer of the divisions
– Approval of the website and social media

Please, as member of our federation, please, we ask you to be present to this important meeting.

Confirmation of the participation is requested.
Each people can delegate a member writing a formal signed letter to a delegate.
It is admitted even the partecipation with conference call.

Please, also be aware that, sending an email to you can candidate yourself for one of the positions above mentioned.

The open positions for both the federation are:
– President
– Vice-president
– Secretary
– Treasurer
– Member at large

In order to apply for one of the positions into the board of one of
the federations you need to send a formal letter to with the following information:
– Name and surname, Date of birth and place of birth
– Position in which you apply
– Federation in which you are applying
– Confirmation that you are candidate for the position for free

Application need to be sent until the 5th of November.

Thanks and regards

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